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How to deal 1000 Damage in BR (COD Mobile)

Since its first release a couple of years ago, Call to Duty Mobile has become one of the most well-known FPS games on the smartphone platform. Activision has kept the streak going by releasing fresh content with each new season.

Almost all players are busy grinding and completing tasks in order to obtain the new unlocked content, weaponry, and aesthetic prizes. Season 4 Spurned and Burned of Call of Duty Mobile has continued the pattern. Players seem to be quite happy with the Battle Pass and all of the additional perks that come with the current season.

To be honest, it is both surprising and remarkable that the Devs have never run out of ideas. They have always gone above and beyond to offer a lot of fresh and original material to the game with each passing season. With the all-new content hitting the game, we are here to help you out with it. Let us now continue our article without wasting any time.

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How to deal 1000 Damage in BR (COD Mobile)

Call of Duty Mobile has always believed in rewarding players and making them feel proud of their achievements, no matter what they are. That is basically why the game includes unique elements such as achievements, trophies, and medals.

Activision has included many new Seasonal Events featuring cosmetic benefits such as weapon skins, Battle XP, and much more in Season 4 of Call of Duty Mobile, as it did in previous Seasons.

How to deal 1000 Damage in BR COD Mobile

With all the new seasonal events launching, Survival of the Fittest is the one. However, the event contains 6 sets of missions through which players can get the final reward that will be 6000 credits and 6000 XP. 

To obtain the aforementioned credits and XP, players must accomplish the needed objectives and objectives in the sequence stated. Moreover, the set’s fourth mission is to deal 1000 damage in Battle Royale matches.

Though completing this mission is a bit difficult but don’t worry, we will guide you on how to do that. We would suggest you land on the High Tier Loot area on the map. This will ensure that a large number of players are there for you to kill. In this mission, you have to avoid camping and have to activate your full-fledged action mode. The more you kill, the more easily you will complete the mission.

Also, pick Ninja class at the start of the match. This will grant you silent footsteps and you will be able to kill your enemies more efficiently. For matchmaking, playing solo will be the best option. This is because you have a higher chance of getting more enemies in Solo mode than Duo or Squad. With all these tips, you will easily be able to deal 1000 Damage in less amount of time.

Once completing this mission, you will get more close to those credits and XP. Hope you now have an idea on How to deal with 1000 Damage in BR. So, go ahead and start your journey towards some precious and unique items in the Seasonal Events.

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(2022) Top 12 Roblox Demon Slayer games

You won’t find tales like Roblox‘s if you search for them. More than 300 million people are predicted to download Roblox by 2022, according on current predictions. It’s no surprise that Roblox is very popular among children.

Roblox enables users to buy Robux, a virtual money, in addition to playing and creating games. Roblox may be utilized for a wide variety of purposes.

The number of people playing Roblox has gradually risen in recent years. Just sign up for a free Roblox account and you’re ready to go.

All of the most popular Roblox games, the ability to design your own avatar, and more are included.

For free play, you must download the app for iOS or Android devices and play on a PC. Roblox may also be fun for Xbox One gamers. Once you’ve installed or signed in to the software, you’ll need to create an account.

An avatar is a visual representation of who you are online. Using Robux, the platform’s virtual currency, instead of real money allows players to buy in-game goods and avatar upgrades.

When you’re not all in the same place at the same time, as you are here, gaming with friends on a Friday night (or any night) might be tricky.

Participating in a virtual meeting while playing Roblox, for example, may be a lot of fun.

Roblox has a wide range of games, including the famous battle royale types, ranging from murder, investigations, and jail escape to treasure-seeking.

Demon Slayer Roblox

Demon Slayer is one of the most popular shonen franchises, even though the manga has been finished for some time and the anime has not yet been released.

Furthermore, if you haven’t seen Mugen Train or the Entertainment arc yet, you should certainly do so as soon as possible since it is canon to the story and, more importantly, it is very excellent. It is also available on Netflix.

To tide fans over while they wait for the official release of Demon Slayer, the Roblox community has been hard at work developing an array of Demon Slayer fan games. The best Roblox Demon Slayer games can be found on this article.

(2022) Top 12 Roblox Demon Slayer games

The anime series Demon Slayer served as a major inspiration for another massively multi-player online role-playing game.

Slayer or Demon? This time, the options are more in accordance with what the anime has to say about them.

In order to go from the lower moons to higher moons, you may use Blood Battles. You have the capacity to fight and become a pillar for the Slayers’ breathing system.

It’s a full-scale MMORPG based on the Demon Slayer series (or at the very least a Roblox mod) that allows you to concentrate on one of the two main power sets.

Alternatively, you may choose to stay steadfastly human and join the Demon Slayer Corps, katana in hand, or you can choose to toss aside your humanity and become a demon, wielding the power of Blood Demon Arts in your place.

A massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Slayers Unleashed has a remarkably in-depth skill tree structure that sets it apart from most of the other games in this genre.

A Demon Slayer may study from the many schools of Breath Style or Blood Demon Arts, and this will allow him or her to improve their character over time, regardless of whether they are demon or not.

Demon Slayer RPG, despite the fact that it is an RPG, has the kind of polish you’d expect from a true game release!

To accompany each unique action you may do (and there are many! ), the game offers a custom user interface and animated character movements.

Breath Style procedures are made even more precise with the use of a custom breathing system. Spectacular particle effects adorn the most complex of these effects.

When it comes to character models that are more intricate than those in earlier games in the series, Wisteria makes up for it with a rich story and mythology that makes up for the loss of some of those features.

Even while the game seems simple when you first begin playing as either the demons or the slayers, there are several skills to learn, and some of them, such as Zenitsu’s Six-Fold Thunderclap and Flash, require complicated sequences that make executing them a great performance.

There is no doubt that Roblox Demon Slayer games have melee combat, but Ro-Slayers goes one step further by introducing some helpful quality of life additions to the process.

When your opponent makes an attack, you have the option to conduct a close-shave dodge since your opponent’s target square is highlighted.

As a consequence of these and other factors, conflicts take on the character of a galactic intellectual war throughout space and time, similar to the way bouts were shown in the original series.

To make fun of the game, Demon Hunters, Koyoharu Gotouge made Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. This game is called Demon Hunters.

Demon Hunters is a fighting simulation based on the popular anime television program “Demon Slayer.”

Demon Hunters will allow you the chance to customize your breathing style, which will provide you with specific skills to slaughter other players in the game.

Every new Slayer, on the other hand, is unskilled and will need extensive training. Fight with your pals, engage in fights, and enjoy yourself!

  • 5. Demon Slayer: Burning Ashes

In Demon Slayer: Burning Ashes, you may play as either a Demon or a Slayer, depending on your preference. In order to become a demon, you must get a blood sample from a fellow demon.

This means that you must pass the most stringent of tests before you can join the ranks of the Slayers.

In order to avoid getting slaughtered by their opponents, players will have to work hard and adjust quickly.

Almost everything, including a sophisticated Character Design UI, is included in Slayer Instinct RP, making it a must-play.

Since there are so many options available, you may design the fantasy character you’ve always wanted.

However, in Slayer Instinct RP, you will not be able to attack other players. To avoid being harassed by strangers for no apparent reason, is wonderful.

  • 3. Demon Tower Defense Simulator

If you’re looking for a 3D tower defense game, go no further than Demonic Tower Defense.

An aggressive Tower Defense game with a gameplay reminiscent of 3D Arknights was created by the DTDS team using visuals inspired by Demon Slayer.

As long as there are daily login incentives and a wealth of customization options, you’ll have plenty of reasons to keep visiting DTDS.

  • 2. Anime Fighting Simulator

How to trade in Anime Fighting Simulator RobloxBattle your opponents using fighters you may unlock by finding stars scattered across the game’s levels in Anime Fighters Simulator (formerly known as Anime Fighters), a video game created by Sulley.

Beat your opponents or participate in time trials to win yen. Bosses and minions must be defeated in order to get additional yen.

With the help of a well-endowed and solid gold warrior, you can make even more money.

It is possible for anybody to become a “shiny,” which means that these fighters deal more damage, sell for a higher price, and have cosmetic changes.

Low-percentage drops from opening stars, or by changing them into shinies via the machine on Chimera Island, which you can either buy from or earn from the Fruit Merchant machine are both ways to acquire these fighters.

  • 1. Demon Slayer Retribution

When playing the action-adventure MMO role-playing game Demon Slayer Retribution, you must complete quests and chores to earn resources.

Dummies are a part of the game, and you’ll have to work with them to improve their strength. You may either become a Demon or a Slayer. Increasing your character’s stats is possible regardless of the route you choose.

Wrapping up

Demon Slayer has been one of the best anime out there ever since its release. So, it is only natural that players want to play and enjoy renditions of the anime in Roblox.

The above-mentioned list contains a compilation of some of the best Demon slayer games on Roblox out there.

So, if you are a die-hard fan on the anime and want to master the different breathing styles just like in the manga, then you should surely try the above games out.

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How to use Class Chip in COD Mobile Battle Royale

Call of Duty Mobile has definitely established itself as a competent, perhaps one of the best, FPS Shooting games on the smartphone platform. The Call of Duty franchise has already been a behemoth of a game across other platforms. So, it is not surprising to see that Call of Duty mobile has become one of the most played and downloaded games on mobile devices.

Activision Studios sure does come up with some innovative ideas with every season. With the launch of every season in Call of Duty Mobile, we get to see the addition of new characters, weapons, maps, modes, and much more. That is primarily the reason that has kept thousands of gamers engaged and entertained even after so many reasons.

Keeping the streak going, Call of Duty Mobile has also come up with some fresh and exciting new stuff for Season 4 Spurned and Burned. In this article, we will be talking about the new additions to the game. So, let’s get right into it.

Hollywood music wards cod mobile season 6

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How to use Class Chip in COD Mobile Battle Royale

Season 4 Spurned and Burned of Call of Duty Mobile has brought along with it a barrage of fresh and creative Seasonal events, just like Activision has done in all the previous seasons. Players are all grinding to the best of their abilities to get their hands on all the unlockable items and rewards which the events have to offer.

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Under this season’s Seasonal event section, there is a particular event named the Gold or Nothing event, which has garnered quite a lot of players. The final rewards of the set of missions under the Gold or Nothing event are an Epic Kilo Bolt Action – Constable skin.

chip class cod mobileOne of the missions under the Gold or Nothing event is to Use the Class Chip in the Battle Royale mode of COD Mobile 3 times. Now, for those of you who don’t know what it refers to we will help you out.

To do the above-mentioned event, you have to first start a Battle Royale classic match. Equip your character with the preferred Class. Once you are done with that and have landed on the map, look out for purple dots (squares) on the map.

You will find the Chip Class at these locations to boost your base class. Travel to that region and pick up and use a Chip class. Your class will now become Purple in color to indicate that Chip class has been activated.

Once Chip class has been activated, make sure to use your class at least 3 times in the BR Match. Once you use your class 3 times in the match, the mission will have been completed and you can collect the rewards and proceed to do the next mission.

There you go. Now you are all set with the Class Chip mission. Better head out to a Battle Royale match and complete the mission to get your hands on the Epic Kilo skin.

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(2022) Top 20 games like bee swarm simulator in Roblox

Roblox is a multiplayer sandbox game that has been operating for about 15 years and is currently one of the most popular browser-based games available. There is now a smartphone version as well.

Simulator games are among Roblox’s most popular game kinds. There are hundreds of them, all of them are entirely unique. Shampoo Simulator, for when you want to pretend to be a hairdresser, or Egg Farm Simulator, for when you want to pretend to be an egg farmer.

Reality is increasingly moving online in simulation games, which gamers may discover in plenty on Roblox. They can experiment with new things or take on a whole other persona entirely online.

Simulation games maybe anything that replicates real-life actions like eating, driving, and doing laundry, as well as things that people don’t get to perform in real life, such as living like an animal. Roblox has a vast number of simulation games where players may experience both fiction and reality.

Onett’s Bee Swarm Simulator is a Roblox online multiplayer game. The goal of the game is to raise a swarm of bees, collect pollen, and turn it into honey. Here is our list of Top 20 games like bee swarm simulator in Roblox.

Top 20 games like bee swarm simulator in Roblox


Bubble Gum Simulator may have started off as a game about bubble gum, but in its current incarnation, the game is entirely about PETS. Pets, pets, and more pets. There are rare pets, regular pets, and pets that may be traded for a lot of in-game money.

There are plenty of things and cosmetics to gather thanks to regular updates that include new creatures. Bubble Gum Simulator is unquestionably one of the top Roblox games, with one billion views, three million faves, and fresh material published on a regular basis since 2019.


Saber Simulator by HD Games lets players wield lightsabers like in Star Wars, making it one of the top Roblox games based on films. To face others, players must perfect their abilities and strength. Only the most capable competitors will triumph.

All players start with a basic lightsaber, which they must use to battle and practice with in order to improve their strength. Strength is utilized to acquire coins, which may then be used to enhance their sabres, DNA, and classes. The more strength a player possesses, the more damage and health he or she can deal.

  • 3. Tower Defense Simulator

Tower Defense

With over one billion visitors, Tower Defense Simulator is one of Roblox’s most popular Simulator games. The game has had a lot of new upgrades in the last few years, including the recent Frost Invasion update.

It functions in the same way as any other tower defense game would. Construct towers to fend off swarms of zombies. You may gain extra prizes by beating the various rounds, which you can use to build new towers. If you think you’ve got what it takes, increase the challenge.

Animal Simulator

Animal Simulator, a unique simulator by ragnar9878, allows gamers to experience life as an animal. They have the ability to transform into a range of genuine or unique supernatural animals.

It also allows players to remain human while rearing the animals, making this one of Roblox’s greatest pet-raising simulation games.

At the start of the game, players have the option of choosing an animal or remaining human and befriending other animals. They have access to voice chat, which allows them to roleplay or work together to combat monsters in order to acquire XP and unlock new animals.

  • 5. Pilot Training Flight Simulator

Pilot Training

Pilot Training Flight Simulator is one of the most ancient Simulator games on this list, having been launched in 2010. Over the previous ten years, a large number of aircraft have been introduced to the game, increasing the total number to 75.

You can fly some of the most well-known planes, from large commercial jets to two-seater propellers. Flying, landing, and pulling off some great stunts in the skies are all things to practice.

Speed Simulator

US Simulators’ Speed Simulator mimics genuine speed, allowing characters to race at the speed of light to discover who is the quickest player.

Players must accumulate steps to boost their total speed, or they may speed up by jumping through sky-high hoops. Players participate in races as they rank up and earn more speed. Only the fastest players will cross the finish line ahead of their opponents and get access to exclusive pets and trails.


Unboxing is a popular pastime among people. The Unboxing Simulator game covers all of the big holidays, with Easter being the most popular right now. It’s a simple game in which you crush boxes to see what’s inside. It’s unlikely that they’ll be the most costly catalog product in the game.

However, you never know. Unboxing Simulator, like many excellent Roblox games, includes a tonne of collectibles. There are some unusual headgear and even more unusual critters that can aid you in your box-smashing quest.

Laundry Simulator

Laundry Simulator by Dev House UK is a great game for people who like to clean, with dark comedic surprises that no one saw coming. Players operate your own laundry and gradually improve their equipment.

Because players must earn cash to upgrade their laundromats, this game replicates washing clothes and has the same sensation as the top tycoon games on Roblox. Players earn cash for each load of laundry they clean and toss down the chute, allowing them to purchase larger laundry baskets.

Mega Noob Simulator

Mega Noob Simulator is a bizarre Roblox game in which players slaughter “Bacons,” who are simply individuals, in order to get in-game metrics. As you go from “noob” to “master,” these stats add together to make your character enormous. If you enjoy Roblox warfare, this is a nice game to play.

Along the way, you’ll need to purchase improvements. Use the coins to increase your strength, get companion pets, and buy new weapons.

eating simulator

Eating Simulator is a simple and amusing game in which players seek to grow bigger and bigger in order to collect points or combat other players.

Players must eat delicacies that cause them to grow, then sell the quantity they’ve consumed in order to earn cash. Players may use cash to buy better items, such as french fries and cake, as well as DNA to improve their stats and amusing accessories like pet eggs.

This silly game is a fun way to pass the time as players compete to be the biggest character.

games like bee swarm simulator in Roblox

War Simulator takes you on a journey through history. You begin with basic weapons in an early era and work your way up until you reach the “Future.” To eliminate waves of AI troops, you can employ different grades of weapons from each period.

This incredibly popular game has over 500 thousand faves and about 100 million visitors. War Simulator is also updated on a regular basis, the most recent of which included a new Ancient Era and Western Era with new armaments to test out.

games like bee swarm simulator in Roblox

With its open-world layout, levels, and loot grab, Astral Studios’ RPG Simulator is the ultimate simulator of the finest RPG games out there. Fantasy fans may immerse themselves in this simple and familiar world as they explore and level up to become the most powerful warrior.

This delightful cartoony game allows users to participate in a basic and enjoyable RPG game. Players gain experience by completing missions, raids, and fighting enemies on various maps. They may pick up or purchase items such as more powerful weapons and pets to aid them in combat.

Pet Swarm

Pet Swarm Simulator is another new feature for 2021, and it’s a Pokemon-inspired game. Hundreds of different species hatch from eggs, which you get by fighting various adversaries scattered over the area.

What is the game’s purpose? To collect as many eggs as possible and hatch them. When you’ve collected a large number of distinct pets, you may mix them to create rarer species. Since its launch in January, the game has had over 20 million visits.

games like bee swarm simulator in Roblox

Nocturne Entertainment’s Driving Simulator is a fantastic game for car and racing fans. Players may find and collect a variety of rare supercars while exploring an open-world terrain with up to 100 other players.

Because of its well-scripted automobiles and navigation, this is not only one of the greatest open-world racing games on Roblox, but it also lets players to explore a wide region. The more they drive, the more points they earn toward better automobiles and customizing their vehicles.

games like bee swarm simulator in Roblox

The goal of Speedman Simulator is to create the fastest character in town. Similar to Strongman Simulator, you must continue to practice and improve your character, as well as an upgrade anytime you get the opportunity.

Compete against your buddies or take on other players in a race. There are also dogs to gather, fantastic running shoes to unlock, and tonnes of new regions to explore with frequent updates, like in any excellent Roblox games. For those who enjoy simulator games, this is a big hit.

games like bee swarm simulator in Roblox

Gaming With their Factory Simulator, Glove Studios offers Robloxians a unique simulation experience, combining a tycoon and simulator game into one. Players may create their own factory and start an empire from the ground up.

Players must collect trees, rocks, and mine ores to sell and refine in their own factory as they go across the world. They may construct their factory in whatever way they choose and improve as they go to increase revenues.

games like bee swarm simulator in Roblox

In Champion Simulator, you may become a champion. You may not only gather pets and strengthen your character, but you can also put your skills against other players in thrilling combat. Get some gems by winning combat. There are more gems, hence there are more improvements. It’s just right.

In 2021, several new improvements increased the player count beyond 10,000, and there are some new places to explore in-game, such as secret spots and even a Nuke.

  • 18. Treasure Hunt Simulator

games like bee swarm simulator in Roblox

Players may immerse themselves in the search for buried wealth in HenryDev’s Treasure Hunt Simulator. They must go deep into the dirt in search of the greatest and rarest chests and take the treasure for themselves.

Players can dig hundreds of blocks into the sand to uncover a variety of treasures concealed underneath. These rare boxes provide money that can be used to purchase improvements like better shovels and bags that can carry more treasure.

games like bee swarm simulator in Roblox

In Bakery Simulator, it’s time to become a baker. There are over 60 delicious delicacies and sugary delights to bake, as well as new ways to design your bakery to make it the finest in town.

However, it isn’t only about baking cakes. You can collect cute pets, upgrade your bakery and production line, and unlock crates. You’ll become the best baker in town if you practice frosting those cookies. This is similar to the Roblox tycoon game.

games like bee swarm simulator in Roblox

Thanks to recent upgrades, the Strongman Simulator remains one of Roblox’s most popular simulator games. The most recent update included a whole new region called Retro, as well as several new methods to play.

Have you ever wished to be the world’s strongest Strongman? This is the game you’ve been looking for. Spend some time learning the ropes with lighter weights before moving on to heavier lifts. Each section must be broken free by demonstrating your strength.

That’s it with our today’s article on Top 20 games like bee swarm simulator in Roblox. Do try all the sections and tell us your favorite. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming coverage.

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How to get Dogs in COD Mobile (Battle Royale)

Call of Duty Mobile soared to popularity soon after its release back in 2019 and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop anytime soon. The credit for the undying popularity of the FPS game goes to the Devs who always go above and beyond to incorporate new and fresh content to COD Mobile with the passage of every Season.

The new characters, weapons, maps, modes, and much more, always help to garner the attention of more and more players from across the world. That being said, Season 4 Spurned and Burned of Call of Duty Mobile is underway as we speak and players are really busy with this season’s activities and events.

The Clan wars, seasonal events, and the rewards of the Battle Pass are all too appealing. Hence, the players are really grinding to the best of their abilities to reap all the benefits.

Hollywood music wards cod mobile season 6

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How to get Dogs in COD Mobile (Battle Royale)

Dogs have always been an integral unit of the storyline of mainstream Call of Duty titles like COD Modern Warfare, COD Ghosts, etc. In fact, in real life also, dogs serve a crucial position in most armies, hence it was only a matter of time before COD Mobile decided to add Dogs to the game.

In Call of Duty Mobile, the Canine unit is being called the K-9 unit, which kind of makes sense. Also, most of the players have been asking a lot of questions regarding the incorporation of dogs in COD Mobile.

For those of you who don’t know and are wondering “How do I get Dogs in COD Mobile?”, worry not. Our team of dedicated researchers is there to answer your queries and help you with them.

Clown class k9 unit br cod mobile

Now, in the Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty Mobile, there is a class called the Clown Class. Previously, upon activation, the Clown Class of Call of Duty Mobile used to deploy a fleet of Zombies that used to attack any and all enemies nearby. However, in the new update, it has been changed.

To get yourself a ferocious Dog in Battle Royale matches of Call of Duty Mobile all you have to do is equip the Clown class. Once the class gets charged up, Activate it. A dog will get summoned out of nowhere and it will start attacking enemy units in the vicinity.

This dog of the Clown Class in BR will also help you get out of tricky situations by keeping the enemies busy by attacking them.

k9 unit clown class br

For players who haven’t yet unlocked the clown class, they can unlock it by completing the second mission of the Survival of the Fittest Seasonal Event.

Apart from this, you can also summon dogs or rather the K9 Unit in the Multiplayer mode of the game. It has been made possible by the brand-new K9 Unit Operator Skill. This new operator skill allows players to summon their very own best friend on the battlefield.

k9 operator skill
Image Source: @codmINTEL

A k9 Dog can be summoned and will detect enemies around you and attack them. This is very useful for players who are up against stealth players.

However, it will get launched on the 4th of June and as of now, the status remains ‘Stay Tuned’.

Now, you guys know all about summoning dogs on the battlefield be it the BR mode or the Multiplayer mode. So, that sums it all up for the question “How to get dogs in COD Mobile?”. Go ahead and try summoning the dogs in the game.

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Top 13 games like King Legacy Roblox

Roblox is a fantastic worldwide platform game that can be played on a PC, smartphone, PlayStation 4, or even a Mac. Roblox is available in English and Spanish.

The nicest aspect is that there are so many games to choose from in a variety of genres, which is quite convenient. If you’re looking for some excitement and enjoyment in your life, you’ve come to the right spot.

The developer community at Roblox is great. There is no wonder that they have created a large number of distinct first-person shooter games, given their ability to create some very gorgeous and compelling experiences. Roblox’s first-person shooter options are many, ranging from clones of well-known games to wholly original experiences.

Roblox also has a varied range of games, including action, simulations, horror, adventures, racing, and shooting games. Roblox also has a diverse collection of games.

It is possible to play simulation games that mirror real-world activities such as eating, driving, and doing laundry, as well as activities that individuals do not have the opportunity to undertake in real life, such as living like an animal.

Roblox offers a diverse selection of simulation games in which players may immerse themselves in both fiction and reality.

The app has a wide range of games, including the famous battle royale types, ranging from murderinvestigations, and jail escape to treasure-seeking.

Top 13 games like King Legacy Roblox

Top 10 Games like Blox Fruits in RobloxBlox Fruits is the best One Piece clone because of its meticulous attention to detail. There are more than simply basic foes, and your hero has a wider range of actions like in a classic platformer or action game.

The surroundings are produced with greater care and attention to scale and aesthetics. Getting your stats exactly perfect will take some time and effort, but our Blox Fruits cheats should make things a little easier.

roblox one piece games

Grand Piece Online is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a game that emphasizes exploration over combat.

Additionally, you’ll be tasked with traveling the globe to learn mysteries, completing missions for people, and deciding on pirates’ fates via your deeds.

As in other Roblox games, there are a variety of codes that may offer you an edge without having to put in the time and effort.

Compared to our other choices, True Piece is the closest thing to a Roblox King Legacy RPG that we could find.

Of course, there are Devil Fruits, as well as nautical exploration, side quests, and all the other typical features.

There are a wide variety of abilities and weapons to choose from, as well as a more intricate strategy for picking the best Fruits and weaponry combinations. Free money may be obtained with the use of our True Piece codes.

Roblox: Arsenal codes 2021What if you gave players the opportunity to create their own first-person shooter? The finest Roblox FPS, Arsenal, pits you against a variety of different players in enormous deathmatches.

You’ll need to rack up as many kills as possible in order to get your hands on the Golden Knife. Getting it is easy; all you have to do to win is kill another player with it.

  • 9. Anime Fighting Simulator

What is the Best sword style in Anime Fighting SimulatorIt’s an anime-based training game with a clean UI, beautiful visuals, and an exciting fighting style that encourages quick, close-quarters battle.

Gamers may concentrate on a wide selection of talents that all improve a character’s combat prowess as they level up.

Additionally, players are given a range of swords to choose from, allowing them to tailor their battle strategy to their own preferences.

  • 8. Anime Dimensions Simulator

In Anime Dimensions Simulator, users get to choose from a handful of iconic shonen protagonists and unleash them on random planets from popular anime, making the game extremely enticing to anime lovers.

While there are currently just a few dimensions, the length and difficulty of the boss battles make them worthwhile.

As of now, there are more than 20 characters that may be taken into dimensions in this game.

Every single one of them has its own special attack style that stays true to the original.

Despite the fact that the battle might get a little tedious after a while, it’s still a lot of fun.

Demon Slayer 2 RPGIt is inspired by the Demon Slayer anime and manga, allowing players to choose between defeating demons or forsaking mankind in order to earn greater power.

Exploration is an important part of this game, which enhances the fun of the battle mechanics.

Progression is gratifying in a manner that keeps players digging for new skills and abilities. The mob design is well-done.

Many levels in the RPG anime game unlock lucrative talents, and there are level-locked monsters that grant skills as a reward for those who defeat them.

Roblox’s Mob Infinity is reimagined as an anime in Psycho Infinity. It has a slick UI, sharp graphics, and a wide variety of missions and abilities to choose from, making it a certain winner.

The advancement method is long-term and gives appealing and deserved rewards.

As with many other Roblox anime games, learning how to play Psycho Infinity couldn’t be easier thanks to the game’s streamlined stats and battle style.

There are many parallels between this anime version and Mob Infinity, making it a good fit for those who have played both.

  • 5. Your Bizarre Adventure: Unleash Your Stand

Roblox has a handful of significant JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure games, the finest of which being Your Bizarre Adventure, which, along with Project JoJo, is perhaps the best.

The Golden Wind arc of the manga (and anime) takes place in Italy, hence the game is set there.

Your Bizarre Adventure’s key selling point is its extensive collection of unlocked Stands and fighting styles.

When it comes to Your Bizarre Adventure, its initial parts are a little lacking in direction. While the anime references are amusing or appealing in their own right, the gameplay itself is enjoyable.

What are Best Elements in Shindo LifeShindo Life is an anime game in which you may travel about and engage in battles with friends.

Like other Roblox games, Shindo Life includes an abundance of talents and stats to choose from, making it an enjoyable experience. The visuals are adequate, and the palette is pleasing to the eye.

Players may run or fly over the landscape, which is well-populated with a variety of objects to find. Shindo Life’s exploration and combat are both made more interesting by the wide range of choices available.

Roblox: Shinobi life 2 codes 2021Naruto, Shinobi B is a fantastic role-playing game based on the well-known anime series Naruto.

While the graphics aren’t the best, this game is playable on a variety of low-end smartphones and tablets because of its smooth animations and vibrant map setting.

To keep things as basic as possible, the UI and visual design have both been simplified. Fans of Naruto and memes alike will recognize the Naruto run in this game.

As a result, this game is suitable for all Roblox users, including those who are new to the platform.

An incredible one-piece video game is on display here. A lot of people think of it as one of the all-time great One-Piece games.

This game is a bit of a grind. It essentially indicates that you need to put in a lot of effort in order to become stronger. You need to put in a lot of time and effort to get greater power and strength in this game.

Apart from mindless combat, the title has a variety of interesting gameplay elements to explore. It includes role-playing, as well as a host of other features.

On Roblox, there are several one-piece games. Consequently, you’re likely to come across a few gems and some duds. In October 2020, Roblox debuted Conqueror Piece.

It’s not as well-known as some of the other games on this list. If a game isn’t popular, it doesn’t imply it’s always a poor one.

You may go on a Sea Voyage in the game, much as in the anime. Explore the wonderful map by going to several islands and looking for fruits.

There are several health benefits of eating fruit. You play the game and complete objectives in order to find the missing component.

Wrapping up

Find some of the best games like King legacy on Roblox in the above-mentioned compilation. If you loved playing King Legacy on Roblox then we are sure you will love the games which we have brought for you.

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How to put space in your name in COD Mobile

Call to Duty Mobile exploded in popularity shortly after its release in 2019, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. The Devs deserve credit for the FPS game’s enduring popularity because they always go through so much to implement unique and refreshing material to COD Mobile with the passing of each Season.

With the release of each season comes an original and innovative surge of characters, firearms, maps, and modes, which is what makes the experience so enticing to players from around the world.

Currently, players are busy grinding to the best of their abilities to get their hands on all the rewards and goodies which Season 4 Spurned and Burned of Call of Duty Mobile has brought along with it. That being said, in this article, we will be talking about something on the ground of personalization. So, let’s get started.

Hollywood music wards cod mobile season 6

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How to put space in your name in COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile and Activision studios are great believers in the Personalization and customization of a character from head to toe. That is precisely the reason we have got a ton of camos for all the weapons in the arsenal along with a boatload of characters and their associated camos.

This is because Activision wants all the players out there to find their preferred choice of characters in the game and personalize it according to them. One of the very crucial factors in the personalization process is the Name of the character.

The name is crucial because it will become a name by which other players can identify him in-game. It will most likely be the name by which his/her name might end up calling him. It can be his signature and also, it will form a very important part of his gaming identity.

CODM- How to survive for 25 minutes in Battle Royale COD Mobile

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That’s right, every player out there wants to give their personas a good and unique name. And Call of Duty Mobile provides just that. The naming of a character is usually done at the beginning of the game. However, if you want to rename your character you can read our “How to rename Character in COD Mobile” article.

But the thing which we are going to discuss today is to add a space between your name if you want to. COD Mobile, unfortunately, doesn’t allow spaces in between the name if you hit the spacebar. However, there are alternate ways to do so too. We have got you covered, just follow the given steps.

  • To add a space in your name first of all go to this link.
  • Copy the Space between the 2 S characters.
  • Now head over to the naming section under the profile section of your character.
  • Use a rename card and Paste the copied Space wherever you want it.

There is another method to get the space in your name too. Follow the given steps:

  • If you come across another player whose username has a space in it, click on his player info.
  • Once his profile pops up, copy his name by clicking on the copy option.
  • Now paste it in the rename section of your profile.
  • Delete the parts of the name you don’t want however, be careful not to erase the space too.
  • Now customize as you want it.

Now you know how to add a space to your name head over to your games and add that much anticipated hit of personalization to the name of your character.

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(2022) Top 15 Best Zombie Games in Roblox

Roblox is a widely recognized framework for trying to enjoy games and generating games online, encouraging people to make their own exclusive games and play a wide variety of games developed by other users.

The number of games on the Roblox platform is never-ending. Players all across the world are constantly developing and creating new games. So much so that, sometimes it might become overwhelming to look for some decent games of a particular category.

So, today we continue with our top 15 list of some of the best Zombie games in Roblox. So, without delaying any longer let’s jump right in.


Top 15 Best Zombie Games in Roblox

  • 15. Survival Zombie Tycoon

Survival Zombie Tycoon now has a fresh new design thanks to a major summer upgrade.

The finest tycoon games in Roblox are all about acquiring resources and enhancing your base.
Weapons are plentiful, but you’ll mostly be utilizing swords to fight off the swarms of the undead.

Take out the shambling creatures that assault your base nightly, whether you’re playing alone or with others.

In comparison to other Roblox zombie games, Zombie Stories is more of a narrative-driven co-op shooter.

You may play with up to five other people, whether they’re friends or strangers, in a fast-paced action game with a variety of weaponry at your disposal.

Even if it isn’t frightening enough to be included in our list of the greatest Roblox horror games, it does offer something new and different from the usual fare of zombies, tycoons, and wave defense games.

One of the lesser zombie games on our list, it’s nevertheless a lot of fun to play with your buddies.

It’s your standard zombie apocalypse survivor. Defend yourself and your buddies against hordes of zombies with a variety of weapons and upgrades.

In-game cosmetics may also be purchased, although they’re not essential if you simply want to kill zombies.

Verruckt, Kino, and Nacht, three legendary Call of Duty zombie levels, are reimagined in Roblox’s Recoil Zombies.

If you’ve played the prior games, you’ll know the locales, but even if you haven’t, you’ll still have a fantastic time.

The objective of the game is to protect your base against hordes of zombies while accumulating points in a team competition and erecting barricades and other fortifications.

If you’re searching for a greater challenge, you may also play by yourself.

Zombie Tycoon is another tycoon game to add to the list, which is currently quite popular on Roblox, although it’s a bit different from the others.

Numerous distinctive weaponry, such as rocket launchers, sniper rifles as well as grenade launchers, make this tycoon game really stand out.

It’s a lot of fun to play alone or with a group of pals, and it’s always being updated.

  • 10 . Rescue Mission – Zombie Assault

Roblox zombie game

Shooting down countless zombie swarms can get a tiny bit old, to be fair. Killing evil zombies can be enjoyable and all, but sometimes it’s nicer to play the protagonist. In Rescue Mission – Zombie Assault, you pilot helicopters to a secluded island and rescue marooned survivors before they can be eaten alive.


zombies roblox

This is a round-based zombie survival game where you’ll have to slaughter just about every zombie to advance to the next round. What tends to make this one exception is that you’ll have to battle bosses that drop keys for purchasing character skins at the end of every round. Zombie Attack also has missions, which give you a lot of playability, that you can complete each game.

Zombie Attack is an intense game with more enemies spawning and getting tougher each round. Players that die are sent back to the lobby where they can spawn as a zombie. If all players die, the game ends. New maps are chosen through voting

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zombies roblox

Players spawn within the lobby. If the game has not initiated so far, they could really enter the lobby to begin the match. Alternatively, if a chapter is unlocked, they could indeed end up voting to begin from that chapter. If the game has already initiated, new players commence out as spectators.

In order for onlookers to take part during the game, they should sit tight until the survivors enter a high chapter or when reinforcements start arriving in which spectators have the option of joining the game. Players need to collaborate to advance throughout the game. When the whole party dies, the chapter must be restarted or another chapter/mini-game played.

Zombie high school
Image Source: Pinterest

Zombie High School is a survival zombie game that, as the name suggests, takes place inside a deserted secondary school. You spawn with a sword, and for each zombie slaughter, you receive coins. Purchase weapons and ammunition in the store with your coins.

The primary objective of the game is to survive through 11 waves of dangerous creatures (10 waves and a boss battle). Whenever a game starts everybody is prepared with a P-220 and two bombs.

The complexity tends to increase as the waves go on, with every wave expanding the creatures’ numbers or implementing new adversaries until the last one, which is a boss battle. A game is lost if all participants in the server are dead or on the final wave if the timer runs out.

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Roblox zombie gameRather than beating around the bush, Humans vs Zombies really has an amazingly straightforward title. You and a group of other participants collaborate to battle zombie armies. Showcasing an engaged audience and much more than 5 million plays to date, it is one of the more comprehensive, if cliched, zombie games out there.

apocalypse rising
Image Source: Roblox

If gamers like zombie-survival games, they will undoubtedly really like the title. From strengthening bases to watching out for hostile surviving victims, players can participate in a myriad of events in this open-world title.

This Roblox adventure game features a number of weapons to be used by players to kill the fearful zombies. In their battle for survival, players will play this title alone or party together with other players.

Roblox zombie game

Zombie Rush is a team survival game with a spin. You purchase weapons and objects to defend yourself from the persistent zombies, but when you die, you now become a zombie, which makes this game special. This tends to make it a wonderful game to play with your mates, as chasing down your friends as a zombie never grows boring.

Roblox zombie game

This game feels like some kind of conjunction of Call of Duty Zombies and Bloons Tower Defense. You safeguard your base against swarms of zombies like in Call of Duty, and you can buy enhancements and autonomous defensive systems like in Bloons Tower Defense. Zombie Defense Tycoon is the dream game for any single player. If you want to play for a high score, there is also a leader board.

Project Lazarus
Image Source: Mr Noobgy

Project Lazarus is the sequel to the wildly successful Call of Robloxia: Zombies. It performs very comparably to Call of Duty — survive waves of zombies with each wave getting extra challenging. Each match has a total of six people and also has a Mystery Box nearly equivalent to Call of Duty. If you are a fan of Zombies mode in Call of Duty, you would most definitely enjoy this.

The primary goal of the game is to survive against endless waves of zombies in post-apocalyptic maps. Each new round goes on becoming more difficult than the previous round. The game concludes once all players have been killed. When everyone has died or gone down, all players will reset and return to the lobby for 60 seconds until the next game commences.

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Honorable Mention –

Roblox zombie game

Those Who Remain is a zombie-themed survival game. Players could select amongst eight distinct maps in this game, including The Mill, The District, The Cargo, The Bypass, and others. This gives players three weapons and three grenades to combat the undead with. Aside from enduring the zombie onslaught, it also has a mission structure to set it apart from other zombie survival games. It’s a fantastic game to get enthusiastic about.

The above-mentioned compilation contains the names of some of the best Zombies games on Roblox. So, players who are eager to kill some zombies and go on a spree of zombie hunting, feel free to try these games out and have a great time whilst doing so.

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How to play against friends in COD Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most fluid tactical shooter games on mobile. The game is a mash-up of all prior incarnations of the Call of Duty franchise, giving its player base a sense of nostalgia. Many COD Mobile users like playing with their friends.

However, many of the players like to do friendly combat with their friends. Some of the players love to 1v1 or challenge some other group to play against them. Apart from the Battle Royale mode, players can play against their friends.

Today we are going to discuss the same topic. So, here is our guide on How to play against friends in COD Mobile. Let’s hope into the guide without any further ado.

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How to play against friends in COD Mobile

To start a game to play against friends in COD Mobile, just launch a private multiplayer match and use the in-game features to invite the person you want to play with. In a COD Mobile Private match, you may employ a variety of settings. This contains a kill limit, a time limit, spectators, the ability to invite others, and the ability to create a password for the room.

Players can play a variety of game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, Free for All, and many more including those which are not currently available in Public matches. You can customize every game mode you wish to play. However, follow the below-mentioned steps to create a private match in COD Mobile.

  • STEP 1 – Firstly, you have to launch the game, on the left side of the screen, pick multiplayer.

How to play against friends in COD Mobile

  • STEP 2 – Once you are in multiplayer,  click on the ‘≡’ icon located on the top-right corner.

How to play against friends in COD Mobile

  • STEP 3 – Now select the option “Private.” This will launch a Private Multiplayer Lobby, as shown in the image below.

Private Lobby

  • STEP 4 – Once you are in the private lobby, you can invite your friends and then start the game with any game mode and settings you want.

Now, you can enjoy yourself with your friends with a variety of game modes and customization. That’s all with today’s guide on How to play against friends in COD Mobile. Till next time, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming gaming coverage.

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Top 14 new games in Roblox 2022

Roblox is a browser-based multiplayer sandbox game that has been around for almost 15 years and is presently one of the most popular. There is now a smartphone version.

Roblox has been alive for almost 15 years, and hundreds of amazing games have been made over that period. There’s no end in sight for this free-to-play game creation platform, with a player base that’s as robust as ever owing to continuing growth and massive collaborations in 2022.

Now is a great opportunity to try out some of Roblox’s most popular user-created games.

Not only are games better than ever for youngsters, but so are the tools for making them. Roblox is the clearest illustration of this: it’s a massively multiplayer online game development platform with millions of games to play since it’s so simple to build something interesting.

User-generated content allows you to face the existential danger of a natural disaster, try your hand at pizza making, and unwind with a spot of serene scuba diving.

There are a plethora of free Roblox games to enjoy with over 100 million other online friends, ranging from simulations to RPGs and adventure games. Consider it a mash-up of Minecraft and LittleBigPlanet that has resulted in a whole platform.

The top Roblox games and additional information about this amazing platform can be found below. Here is our list of Top 14 new games in Roblox 2022.

Top 14 new games in Roblox 2022

  • 1.  All Star Tower Defense

All star tower defense

Fighting off waves of attackers in the greatest tower defense games is a lot of fun, but instead of erecting and upgrading boring old towers, why not use Naruto ninjas or My Hero Academia heroes to take out your foes?

The primary narrative mode of All Star Tower Defence sends you on a journey to protect a succession of well-known anime landmarks; as you pass each level, you receive prizes that allow you to upgrade your towers.

To put your endurance to the test, there are many challenge modes, a PvP option, and even an infinite mode. Check out this collection of All Star Tower Defense codes for the most up-to-date ASTD gems and gold.

Blox Fruits

Consuming a Blox Fruit provides you with many strange and fantastic properties, depending on the sort of fruit you consume and is inspired by Devil Fruit from the One Piece anime.

Your aim is to slowly increase in power and skill as you advance through the realms, working together with other players to fight opponents and level up, using the power of this fruit.

Because each fruit has its own strengths and limitations, it’s critical to use your Blox Fruit intelligently in order to proceed. The fruit can be bought from a vendor, but it also spawns on the map every hour, so keep an eye out if you want to switch up your talents.

Tower of Hell

Although Tower of Hell is classified as an adventure game, Roblox fans will recognize it as a hobby game (short for obstacle course).

Obbies are well-known among Roblox users: while there are some fantastic obbies on the site, they’ve also earned a reputation for being the simplest sort of Roblox game to produce at poor quality.

Tower of Hell is, without a doubt, one of the best. Imagine always making it to the Fall Guys finale and the accompanying mad dash. Up to 20 players race to the top of the titular tower in this game with randomly generated stages and no checkpoints to make things simpler.

  • 4. Anime Fighting Simulator

Anime Fighting Simulator

As you may assume, Anime Fighting Simulator is a fighting game based on the bizarre combat seen in various anime. Because it’s a Roblox game, it’s clearly less graphically impressive than some of the big-name fighting series, but if you enjoy the genre, it’s a surprisingly full experience.

New goods, equipment, and other features are added on a regular basis, and the game even has seasons (currently on Season 4).

To round off the experience, there are a variety of game modes to choose from, including the recently introduced Tournament mode and the traditional inclusion: a Story Mode that few people have tried.

5. World Zero

World Zero

If you enjoy MMORPGs, World / Zero, a highly moded and entertaining Roblox game, will not disappoint. World / Zero has fluid and seamless gameplay, as well as stunning graphics and soothing tunes.

After you’ve created a character, you’ll be sent out into the world to perform challenges and earn XP. You may join your buddies while exploring other worlds and even share the riches with them.

Vehicle Simulator

Vehicle Simulator is perhaps Roblox’s finest mobile game. This Roblox racing game has a rather huge open-world setting in which players may drive, race, and try out various automobiles.

Winning races and earning prizes advance the game. These coins may then be used to buy new automobiles in the future. Winning races is determined by your driving abilities as well as the performance of your vehicle.

Speed Run 4

Speed Run 4 is a traditional quick-fire platformer that’s ideal for brief lunchtime sessions. You’re instantly placed in sprint mode after you cross the start line, and your aim is to race through each of the 31 levels as rapidly as possible.

Yes, it’s straightforward, but the level design is as varied as the soundtrack. You may be drifting through brilliant purple platforms to psychedelic rave on one map, while the next is plain white with, um, Coldplay’s Speed of Sound as your background track – because why not?

Brookhaven RP

Brookhaven RP is a Town & City game that is less than a week away from celebrating its first anniversary on the Roblox platform at the time of writing. The game’s enormous popularity in such a short period of time illustrates why Roblox was so popular in 2020 and 2021.

Brookhaven is a relaxing Second Life-style RPG that emphasizes luxurious living and the freedom to leave your house anytime you want.

new games in Roblox

Shindo Life, formerly Shindo Life 2, is a popular anime series based on the life of Naruto.

Naturally, it has Naruto-style gameplay in which you may travel about freely. Explore many realms in this Roblox RPG game, where you must find and unlock various powers.

The arena is a battle ring where we may compete against other players in a character-select Arena game. By joining other communities in this game, you may also construct your own Shinobi tale.

  • 10. Hide and Seek Extreme

new games in Roblox

For all schoolchildren, hide-and-seek is a rite of passage. Where formerly we faced rain, stinging nettles, and more than our fair share of skinned knees, Hide and Seek Extreme allows us to enjoy the excitement of the best playground game of all time from the comfort of our own home.

new games in Roblox

MeepCity is the greatest Roblox game in the social hangout category, without a doubt. It appears to be influenced by Disney’s Penguin and Club Toontown on the internet.

When you join a new server, you spawn on the Playground. This game does not have a single major goal. You might begin by role-playing a hangout or simply being sociable.

new games in Roblox

You’ll be juggling numerous tasks in My Restaurant!, including waiter, cook, and aspiring entrepreneur. But don’t be concerned about being overworked; hire extra staff to assist you, and equip your restaurant with a range of cooking appliances and beautiful furniture to ensure that everything runs well.

new games in Roblox

While many of the finest Roblox games are heavily influenced by popular video games, it doesn’t make them any less fun.

Dungeon Quest is one such example, taking the greatest elements from dungeon crawlers like Path of Exile and Diablo and allowing players to immerse themselves in the addictive hack-and-slash experience.

new games in Roblox

Zombie Stories is a Call of Duty-style first-person shooter in which you fight hordes of zombies while wielding an (always helpful) weapon – and it even features voice-acting.

This Roblox shooter comes with a range of game modes, including a story mode and an arcade mode, as well as an armory of weaponry. In the latter, you may pick from four distinct classes, ranging from scout to medic, and fight marauding zombies that have overtaken your base.

That’s it with our today’s article on the Top 14 new games in Roblox 2022. Do try all the sections and tell us your favorite. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming coverage.

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